Right ePharmacy is an innovative, strategic solution provider for the dispensing, distribution and collection of medicine.

Customisation and Automation

Right ePharmacy analyses, customises and implements auto solutions to increase operation efficiencies, reduce medication dispensing errors, improve patient safety and deliver healthcare intelligence.

Cloud Based Tele-pharmacy

Right ePharmacy telecommunications technology enables direct, virtual  pharmacist interaction for the delivery of personalised pharmaceutical care and counselling at the patient’s collection location.

Product Benefits

Cloud Icon

Cloud Based Tele-Pharmacy

Enables remote voice and visual communication




Ease of integration

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Prescription Collection Unit

Multiple medicine collection alternatives
e.g. PCU, PDU, PUPs

Extended operating hours

Multiple patient contact channels
e.g. telephonic, SMS, video-linking

Catering to patient needs – consumer centric

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Patient Adherence

Improved workflow efficiency

Measurable productivity

Improved dispensing accuracy – safety

Reduced patient waiting times

Improved patient adherence

Making an Impact

In-pharmacy Automated Sites
Active PDUs
Patients Served
Prescription Items Dispensed

Our Products

Right ePharmacy customises and implements solutions to increase operational efficiencies, strengthen medicine access to appropriate services and interventions and improve clinical outcomes for people with chronic conditions. Improved efficiencies and medicine access has the potential to decrease patient waiting time and can indirectly reduce the risk of co-infection of communicable diseases related to health facility congestion. Some of the solutions in our product offering provide an economic alternative to scaling up medicine dispensing capacity in an ethical, safe and compliant manner. Our current service offering includes:

Right ePharmacy is the ideal partner for any form of key health initiatives such as treatment access scale up. Activities are aligned with the National Department of Health’s (NDoH) national adherence strategy and aim to facilitate the acceleration of momentum towards attainment of UNAIDS 90‑90‑90 treatment targets. The solutions provided by Right e Pharmacy also helps to further address some of the structural issues in the public health sector e.g. inadequate skills and human resources.

Our Funders and Partners

We are dedicated to collaborating with highly skilled and effective organisations. Our partners and funders include local and international agencies and teams committed to the prevention care and treatment of HIV, TB, cervical cancer, and associated diseases, in addition to addressing various other global healthcare issues. We are also spearheading developments to support the National Department of Health’s improved primary health care initiatives.