Automated Medicine Packer (AMP)

The Right ePharmacy Pill-to-Sachet pre-packing / pre-dispensing robotics is an important solution part on the overall Last Mile Dispensing process. The AMP robotics receives bulk pills or capsules that is electronically counted and pre-packed into economic plastic sachets for patient dispensing, in quantities as required. The AMP Robotics is able to pre-pack up to 19,000 sachets per month and is operated by 1-2 normal shift workers. The AMP print expiry and batch details on the sachets when been filled.

The prepacking process comes with specific pharmaceutical regulatory requirements and we can advise on these requirements, including assisting in the supply of clothing and other protective gear. Standing operating procedures and training is supplied, in addition to a support agreement

Right ePharmacy also supply the plastic sachets, pre-printed in your choice of banding and copy layout.

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