Centralised Dispensing Unit (CDU – Central Fill)

The Right ePharmacy CDU solution is a Centralised Dispensing Unit, that dispenses high volume prescriptions economically and distribute the dispensed medicines packed as patient ready packs to Pickup Points (PUPs) as selected by the patient. The CDU service is a fully fledged turnkey solution and can also be offered as a build-operate-transfer model.

Right ePharmacy has 2 (two) CDU sites operational in South Africa and Zambia. The CDU solution can be implemented as a stand-alone solution or as a fully integrated building-block (recommended) with the other Right ePharmacy solutions. The health economics advantage of utilising CDU based dispensing as opposed to facility-based dispensing is superior stock management and an end-to-end view of the patient collection of medicine from script-to-medicine-in-patient-hand. The latter mentioned is a unique selling point of the Right ePharmacy CDU solution and a critical requirement when patient adherence is calculated

When implemented with the other Right ePharmacy solution parts, it is possible to synchronise patient prescriptions (images and data) and consolidate all dispensing data into an online electronic pharmaceutical health record. In addition, multiple CDU’s can be deployed to service the prescription repository and dispense medicines to patients. The Right ePharmacy Mobile Application can be used to track parcel data logistics, including reverse logistics, as well as can serve as administration tool to “scan-out” parcels at manual PUP’s, where no PDU™ nor PCU™ is installed.

The Right ePharmacy CDU solution can be a quick set-up-and-go solution (start small, scale fast) and can also be a fully-fledged integrated all-inclusive solution, when interfaced with a national e-PHR, can be a valuable NHI building block

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