Tackling Loadshedding to Ensure Uninterrupted Service at Collect&Go™ Sites

Right ePharmacy Upgrades popular Collect&Go™ Smart Lockers to Navigate Load Shedding Challenges Impacting the Healthcare Sector.

Right ePharmacy, a pharmaceutical distribution innovator owned by Right To Care, has upgraded its next generation Collect&Go™ Smart Lockers with new components to improve their performance and reliability during power outages caused by load shedding.

Load shedding is a scheduled power cut that the electricity supplier implements to avoid total blackouts when the electricity demand exceeds the supply. This has a knock-on effect on the healthcare sector and facilities in general, which rely on electricity to function. The Collect&Go™ Smart Lockers provide a solution for people using chronic medication for healthcare issues like hypertension, diabetes, and HIV. They can collect their medicines from the lockers at their convenience, reducing the burden on healthcare facilities.

The upgrades to the next generation lockers include upgrades to the batteries, PC boards and Wi-Fi switch. “Most of our batteries are lead-acid batteries, which don’t charge efficiently or hold charge for long enough, during higher stages of load shedding. This means some locker sites could be down during load shedding because the backup battery power system cannot cope, which affects patients coming to collect medication from the locker,” said Fanie Hendriksz, MD, Right ePharmacy.

“Making our lockers more robust and reliable ensures that they are operational during extended periods of load shedding. In addition, improving the performance of our lockers keeps us at the forefront of locker technology, making us an efficient and reliable implementing partner to donors and companies seeking to make an impact in this space,” added Hendriksz. “The modernisation of our lockers also ensure that we prepare for the impact of the global energy crisis which ie expected to have a similar effect on health sector.” Right ePharmacy is committed to delivering reliable and innovative healthcare solutions to South Africans. The company is also investigating solar as a backup power solution and more efficient cooling systems to keep the medication within temperature-controlled limits which supports global ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) agenda.

Team Spotlight:
Kuvashnee Naidoo

Kuvanshnee is a Senior Accountant with over 12 years of experience in Finance and Accounting, Grants Management, Budge ting and Reporting, Auditing, and Taxation. She has has been working with Right ePharmacy for the past eight years, overseeing the finance department. Kuvashnee’s academic background includes a Bcompt Accounting degree and a Post Graduate Diploma in Management. We are thrilled to be supporting her as she currently pursues her Master’s in Business Administration, which will be completed by February 2024. Kuvanshee’s passion for finance and accounting stems from her father, who inspired her to pursue a Bcompt degree. Throughout her career, she has shown an admirable work ethic and her leadership skills have been proven at Right ePharmacy, time and again, through the management of multiple grants and high-value projects worth over R300m annually. Kuvashnee is passionate about being able to help her team and solving challenges within Right ePharmacy and she has made a major impact on the organisation. Her biggest accomplishment professionally has been successfully managing multiple grants and helping to manage high-value projects. Kuvashnee’s goals are consistently aligned with the company’s vision of becoming a world renowned provider of automated and innovative pharmacy solutions


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