Collect&Go™ Smart Lockers

Right ePharmacy’s latest product is the ”Collect&Go™” smart electronic lockers. Collect&Go™lockers are similar to global lockers in e-commerce collections, and has been modified for use in healthcare. The lockers are temperature controlled and can operate at locations where no internet is available, yet will manage to update the central system with parcel collection data. The Collect&Go™ lockers are used to safely store pre-dispensed medicine parcels and to facilitate parcel collection by patients. Patients only need to type their OTP (one-time-PIN) received via SMS, and the Collect&Go™ locker door containing their parcel, will open. Collect&Go™ lockers are COVID-19 friendly in that no patient queuing or support staff is required. Patients simply enter their OTP, and take the parcel from the opened cubicle, keeping themselves, fellow patients and public service staff safe.

Collect & Go™ Smart Lockers
Collect&Go™ programme

The Collect&Go™ programme is another step forward in making last-mile dispensing an economic reality, reducing congestion in public health facilities. It supports the Department of Health’s central chronic medication dispensing and distribution (CCMDD) programme and national adherence strategy.

Chronic medicine

By making it quick and convenient for patients on chronic medicine to collect their medication, they will be more likely to remain on and adhere to treatment. To qualify for Collect&Go™ , patients must be evaluated and declared clinically stable by a clinician, who then enrols the patient, writes the script and sends it to the service provider. Lockers are customised to meet stringent pharmacy regulations. They include air-conditioning units and remote temperature monitors for optimal storage conditions. Full tracking of medicine parcels takes place via a live dashboard. Medicine that is not collected is flagged and followed up.

Collect&Go™ Smart Lockers

The lockers only need a 220V power source and do not need data connectivity. Because lockers can be installed in remote locations, Collect&Go™ will help increase access to medicines in South Africa’s rural areas. Collect&Go™ is also supported by a call centre, WhatsApp and social media channels to deal with patient queries.

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