Stock Master File

Possibly seeming of lesser value, having a stock master catalogue that includes a mapping of industry stock codes with Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Codes (or ATC) as well as national stock numbering for procurement purposes is of immense value. In the food chain medical stock flow, matched with prescription coding standards, the Stock Master File fills the gap to not only facilitate the basics of a pharmacy software automation project, but also supports data exchange requirements to enterprise ordering and supply systems, in addition to information presentation through a dashboard platform.

In addition to the need for a “standard catalogue”, there is also the requirement for a product coding system that also caters for public health products. By maintaining all the healthcare industry products on one system, the Right ePharmacy stock master has enabled the industry to have a single reference point for healthcare products mapped by National stock numbers, NAPPI and crosslinked by WHO ATC/DDD indexes. The stock master currently provides the backbone for health management systems further allowing accurate and in-detail reporting of health products in both the private and public health sector. Right ePharmacy currently has the stock master mapped across multiple countries where it has implemented its pharmacy solutions.

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