Pharmacy Dispensing Units - PDU™

PDU/ATM Pharmacy

A COVID-19 friendly and Right ePharmacy flagship product, the PDU is an ATM-like innovation that uses electronic and robotic technology to dispense medication. The PDU uses integrated cloud-based technology to enable remote dispensing, labelling and live patient counselling. The cloud-based information system hosts and manages patient data and links the patient to a remote pharmacist via an audio-video link. This virtual consultation between the patient and the pharmacist is called tele-pharmacy.

PDU/ATM Pharmacy
Pharmacy Dispensing Unit
Cloud’s SMS system

The cloud’s SMS system keeps users informed about their next collection dates and sends out reminders. This promotes patient retention and assists the early identification and intervention for patients at risk of non-adherence. The system results in positive clinical outcomes and effective patient data management.

PDU collection sites

PDU collection sites can be placed in communities at central and easily accessible locations such as shopping centres on main transport routes. PDU™ collection sites are open for extended hours, including weekends and public holidays. Patients can quickly and conveniently collect their repeat prescriptions and have the flexibility of accessing their medication at a time and place which best suits them and at times when clinics are not open.

Pharmacy automation technology

The use of this pharmacy automation technology enhances delivery and access to medication services, eases overcrowding at facilities with high patient volumes, reduces patient waiting times and has the potential to improve medicine adherence and retention in care. Wider economic benefits are also achieved through minimising time off from work for employed PDU users.

The solution can also provide an economic alternative to scaling up medicine dispensing capacity in public services in a responsible and compliant manner. PDUs offer alternative collection options for the decentralising of patients from the main public health facilities and are excellent service points for both in-hospital pharmacy requirements, as well as out-of-hospital remote dispensing requirements. PDUs are primarily used to dispense chronic medication to patients, but they can be customised and utilized for specific programmes such as universal test and treat or malaria campaigns.

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