Right ePharmacy project successfully launched at Debswana Jwaneng Mine and Platinum Health Clinic in Mashishing in Botswana

In another challenging year, as the battle against Covid-19 continues, we are pleased to have been able to take further steps in our pursuit of getting medicine to people by providing solutions in the mining industry.

In a successful project launched at Debswana Jwaneng Mine in Botswana and Platinum Health Clinic in Mashishing, we were able to install new Smart Lockers which will provide patients with convenient and easy to use medication pick-up points.

The solutions include Right ePharmacy’s Collect & GO™ units and access to eRx Telecare™ call centre support to manage patient query follow-ups and general enquiries.

In addition to offering standard patient benefits, these solutions will also assist in mitigating the spread of Covid-19 and maintaining treatment during the pandemic.

For the mining industry, this is a game changer in managing patients’ medicine delivery and needs. The production output at mines is very dependent on minimal disruption with regards to human resources and having the Collect & GO™ smart locker system allows the mine employees to pick up meds after hours or during lunch breaks because the total medicine collection process takes just 30 seconds for the patient.

We are also proud to note that these projects were completed within planned project timelines, and these solutions could have been provided even faster had we not experienced delays due to Covid-19.

Looking ahead, we have had a lot of interest from the mining industry elsewhere in southern Africa and further north, and we expect to be able to implement further solutions in the fourth quarter.

As we found at Debswana’s Jwaneng Mine and Platinum Health Clinic, the Collect & GO™ smart locker is totally interoperable, which allows for easy integration to our customers’ dispensing systems, and we’re excited to see how much further we can expand our contribution in the industry.

We are already working with various organisations and sectors to utilise and develop user friendly additions to facilitate additional deliveries into our smart lockers for specific campaigns, diseases, and various ecommerce offerings.

In these challenging times, with patients across Africa facing additional struggles in addressing their healthcare needs, we aim to continue finding ways to provide viable solutions.


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